“It is by pure hazard that my mother found the existence of the Quebec-Florida camp that I participated during the school break in March 2013. Even that I came from New-Brunswick, I was exceptionally welcome by the coaching staff and by all participants in the camp. I felt surrounded and in safety at all times during this adventure. The training sessions were intense, but were separated by leisure activities such as the beach and shopping.

Thank you to all the team that gave me the chance to live such a beautiful experience. I can’t wait to come back next year!!!”

Émilie Frenette (15 years)

Nigadoo, New-Brunswick

“First of all, I’d like to thank you for the Quebec-Florida Camp; it’s really one of the greatest if not the greatest softball experience of my life. A full week far away from my family, my friends and everyday life stuff is good but if you can also play softball in Florida while there is a bunch of snow storms in Quebec, it’s amazing!

Getting to know new people quickly has always been a stress for me but in a week, I got to know more than 20 extraordinary girls. Some will say it was a tough week and that the training sessions were intense but all of us can say we got better because the coaches really know what they’re talking about. We were in very good hands.

During our games, we were able to see how much better we were getting from all the practice during the day. I would love to go back next year even though Bellechasse-Florida is long way. It’s a lifetime experience!”

Kellie Breton

“I went to the training camp Quebec-Florida 2010. It was my first softball experience since I played baseball for 4 years.

I loved my week with the coaches, the girls, the chaperones, everything was perfect for my first experience. Papa John’s Pizza was the best meal in the world – recommended by the house!

The training was intense, but we also got the chance to have fun. There’s the beach, the shopping, the sun and the heat especially in march when it’s cold here in Quebec!

The first thing I said to my parents upon my return “I really want to go next year”!

Thank you to Jacques and his team for the super nice experience.”

Dominique Perron-Arsenault

“I did the Quebec-Florida Camp for my first time in March 2010, but it certainly won’t be my last! I really liked my experience. Playing against American teams is a nice experience and it changes the practices at the gym. The trainers helped us improve our game and the players on my AA team made remarks on my game.

Plus the hotel was super cool; it had a pool and was right next to the beach. For me the Quebec-Florida Camp, was a week down south with girls who have the same passion as me for softball and wanted to improve their game.”

Dylane Lapointe

“I have been to Quebec-Florida camp for three years. The first year I was only 10 years old and I was the youngest girl to participate ever. Marco didn’t believe that I would be able to do all the exercise because he thought I was too small or too weak. Automatically I replied that even if I was small I will manage, but unfortunately he teased me because I had the character of a 6 footer! I especially did not want to let them see that the camp was too strong for me while I showed that I will not be stepped on the feet’s. It is from this day that Marco noticed me.

Raynald Guay, one of the pitching coaches is 6’7” and me, at this time, from my 4’0” was not making the same mean attitude as him, so he showed me how to grunt, to imitate an elephant, and all sorts of silly things! It has been a wonderful week under the Florida sun.

At my second year, many new coaches were present at the camp, all with the will to teach us new things. Raynald’s brother, Mario, was there also and he taught me so many tricks that I didn’t believe I was able to do, like all the other coaches. There is one other coach that I did not mention so far, Évelyne Paré. I believe she is the best outfielder in the world! I can’t name all the coaches, but I could write 100 words on all of them since they have so much talent. These three wonderful years were with the best coaches and with extraordinary girls that I loved to meet. The last thing I want to speak of is the games.

To play against teams from Florida at Caloosa Park was a fantastic experience, same for my three years in the camp.
Thank you for giving me the chance to participate.”

Marie-Jeanne Drouin (12 years)

Laval, Québec

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