History of March 2000

History of the Florida Training Camp


When I was a softball coach for the Midget Elite Team in Laval, my son had taken part in a training camp for baseball in Pompano Beach, FL. I had accompanied him, which allowed me to observe different drills that my son’s coach’s taught him… and to make a discovery.

On the other side of the park, I heard the sound of players celebrating a good play. Curious by nature, I slowly approached the outfield fence and from that moment, I made the association between the two. On the right, the boys were participating at the camp and on the left, there were softball payers. All that was missing was a training camp for girl’s fastpitch.

I was excited, the idea stuck in my head for a while. With a determined stride, I went to the centre for the four softball fileds, hoping to meet someone who was in charge there. Luck smiled upon, as I had met Ms. Sue Allison, president of the Stingers of Pompano Beach organization at the time. I presented my project, which she accepted on the spot, because the fact of having players from Quebec in Florida excited her as much as me. Not to mention it was the first time that a project like this had been suggested.

This Project became a reality in March 2001, when fifty young athletes came to Pompano Municipal Stadium for the first edition of the Quebec Florida Training Camp 2001. Getting off the bus, I asked each of the girls to touch the fence of the outfield, to bring luck to the camp. It worked, as the camp is as lively as ever, nine years later.

Up to now, five-hundred athletes have participated at the camp, which allowed them to perfect their game under the hot tropical sun in the middle of March!

Jaques Ouimet
Quebec Florida Training Camp (2001-Present)

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Details of the Trip

Date: March 2nd to March 10th, 2024
Departure Place Versailles, Montreal at 6:30 am on March 2nd, 2024
Return Place Versailles, Montreal Evening of March 10th, 2024