1. What is the means of transportation used for this camp?
    A luxury coach seating 53 passengers. Both drivers are with us and take turns throughout the journey.
  2. Do you have a system for screening passengers in transit?All passengers are rigorously checked before each departure in the bus throughout the trip
  3. Where will the athletes stay during their trip to Florida?
    The athletes will be staying at the Comfort Inn Oceanside in Deerfield Beach. It is a safe, clean hotel with excellent service. They know us very well because we have been doing business with them for 6 years.
  4. What kind of meals will be served to the athletes during the trip?
    First, there is a very good continental breakfast served at the hotel each morning. In terms of dinner and supper, different restaurants are selected by the camp management to ensure that the athletes are eating as healthy as possible. Finally, during breaks in training, there is always a wide variety of snacks such as fresh fruit, granola bars, cheese, juice, etc.
  5. Where is the training venue for the athletes?
    The training site is located in Boyton Beach about 30 minutes north of the hotel.
  6. Who are the instructors?
    A formidable team of high-level instructors with varied expertise of the participants involved to enable them to improve at their position and in all facets of the game.
  7. Is the Quebec/Florida Camp a profit organization?
    No, the Quebec/Florida Camp is a nonprofit organization and the package price is based on established costs for transportation, lodging, meals and miscellaneous expenses such as medical equipment.
  8. What happens in case of injury or medical emergency?
    A graduate and certified sports therapist is with us each year and is available round the clock if necessary for various conditions (ex: muscle strain, sunburn, minor injuries, etc.) In the case of a serious injury or a serious medical condition, the athlete is taken directly to the nearest hospital and is accompanied by the therapist.
  9. Are there any special programs for pitchers?
    Yes, given the high demand, we have developed an advanced program for pitchers and catchers.
  10. Is there a curfew?
    Yes, the curfew is set at a reasonable hour and is rigorously checked every night by female coaches who check each room.
  11. Are there any games?
    Absolutely! There are about 8 games against teams from Florida during the week, from Tuesday to Friday (4 double-headers)
  12. Do athletes receive a uniform
    All players will be lent a uniform for the week.
  13. Are there any other activities aside from softball planned
    Despite a very intensive training schedule, several activities and outings are organized such as visits to the beach, shopping and a show on the last day (the athletes in each room must do a show on a theme to their liking)
  14. Is the beach near the hotel?
    The hotel is located approximately 500 ft. from the beach, about a 2 minute walk.
  15. Can the package price change?Although this has never occurred in the past, it is always possible that the package price is adjusted to cope with unexpected increases in expenditure as a significant increase in fuel prices or an unfavorable exchange rate.
  16. Is there a program for funding assistance to help athletes pay their way?
    Yes, several fundraising activites are organized to help cover travel expenses (ex. Citrus Fruit Drive, bagging in supermarkets, selling chocolates, lollipops and a bowl-a-thon, etc.)

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Details of the Trip

Date: March 2nd to March 10th, 2024
Departure Place Versailles, Montreal at 6:30 am on March 2nd, 2024
Return Place Versailles, Montreal Evening of March 10th, 2024